The National Council for Population and Development launched the State of the World Population (SWOP) Report 2018 and the State of Kenya Population Report 2017, at the Laico Regency Hotel, Nairobi City County. The launch was presided over by Hon. Nelson Gaichuhie, the Chief Administrative Secretary, The National Treasury and Planning. The theme  of the SWOP report is, ‘The Power of Choice: Reproductive Rights and the Demographic Transition’ while the State of Kenya Population Report theme is The Population Factor in the Realization of the Big Four Agenda.

Both reports recognize that to achieve rapid socio-economic development and reduce the prevailing high dependency ratio as envisaged in the main government development blue prints, the country should focus effort towards elimination of early child bearing and marriages; review and implement relevant policies; and increase availability and accessibility of Family Planning (FP) and Sexual Reproductive Health services at all levels.

The Chief Guest called upon the stakeholders to prioritize and strategically invest in health as one of the ways to accelerate the realization of the Kenya’s ‘Big Four’ Agenda namely, enhance food security, manufacturing, health, and poverty reduction. He further urged the participants to make use of the reports in tracking progress in the realization of sub-national, national and global development goals and aspirations. The Chief Guest, on behalf of the Government, appreciated the crucial role that UNFPA has continued to play in realm of reproductive health and assured the agency as well as other stakeholders of the Government support in pursuit of their mission.



From Left to right; Dr. Osiemo; CEO- NEPAD, Comas Leonard from WHO Kenya Office, Chief Administrative Secretary (Chief Guest) The National Treasury and Planning, Hon. Nelson Gaichuhie, Economic Planning Secretary; Joseph Mukui, UNFPA –Kenya Deputy Country Rep. Ezizgedi Hellenov and Judith Kunyiha-Karogo; UNFPA.



Mr. Ezekiel Ngure; Population Data Specialist – UNFPA, giving key points on the “State of the World Population”.




Prof. A. O. Agwanda; PSRI, giving giving key points on the “State of Kenya Population” .



Dr. Osiemo; CEO- NEPAD addressing partners at the SWOP 2018 Launch.



Economic Planning Secretary; Joseph Mukui, giving his remarks at the Launch.



The Chief Guest; Hon N. Gaichuhie , The National Treasury and Planning giving his speech.




The Chief Guest; Hon N. Gaichuhie officially launces the SWOP 2018 and the SKPR 2017 documents.




The CAS Hon. N. Gaichuhie giving the SWOP 2018 and the SKPR 2017 documents to the Partners.