NCPD organized the 3rd inter-ministerial Policy Steering Committee for implementation of Population Policy for National Development, chaired by Dr. Julius Muia, EBS, and Principle Secretary (PS) – State Department of Planning. In attendance were Principle Secretaries, Josephta O. Mukobe-State Department of Heritage, Prof. Hamadi Boga-PS State Department of Agriculture and Research among Directors and representatives of various Government Agencies and Ministries’ Departments.

The inter-ministerial Policy Steering Committee for the implementation of the population policy plays both an oversight and an advocacy role and employs participatory approaches in its population sector interventions in national development activities. Some of the outcomes of the meeting included the need to revise the current population policy to align it with current changes in governance, international development agenda and emerging population and development issues, review of the progress made through implementation of the population policy, development of a strategy to engage politicians on various issues regarding population and development, and the need for renewed impetus in public awareness creation on family planning.