The National Council for Population and Development (NCPD) partnered with the Organization of African Youth (OAY) and Kisian Secondary School in Kisumu County to create awareness around the forthcoming ICPD25 Nairobi Summit.

The County Population Officer, Mr Bernard Kigen gave an indepth presentation about the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) held in Cairo in 1994.  Some students were able to mention some of the commitments of the Cairo Conference contained in the Programme of Action (PoA). It was affirmed that Kenya has been implementing the PoA. However, as reported by many other countries, there still remains some unfinished business thus the need for ICPD25 to re-energize towards full fulfilment of those promises. Indeed, the theme for the Nairobi Summit – which marks the 25th anniversary of ICPD 1994 Cairo Conference is: Accelerating the Promise.

The main intentions of the Summit are:

  • Galvanize change and mobilize leadership in addressing outstanding and newly emerging challenges related to the ICPD POA, particularly focused on the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) agenda
  • Make clear links between SRHR and harnessing the potential of the demographic dividend – an agenda of particular interest for governments with young populations – and the cost of inaction

 The Summit Objectives are:

  • To obtain strong political commitment for the validity of the Cairo ICPD agenda
  • To create political and financial momentum to advance the ICPD agenda (As an indispensable part of Agenda 2030, in particular around reducing preventable maternal mortality, unmet need for family planning and eliminating violence against women and harmful practices)
  • To offer an inclusive platform for a broad range of Member States and other stakeholders to come together around the universally applicable principle of rights and choices for all

The ICPD 25 Nairobi Summit will be held on 12-14 November 2019 at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Summit, convened by the Government of the Republic of Kenya, the Government of Denmark and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), will bring together Heads of State and Governments, Ministers, Parliamentarians, Diplomatic Corps, Civil Society Organizations, the Private Sector, Young People and the Media, among others.


Issues Raised by the Students


Upon the presentation, students were given an opportunity to interact and air their views on issues of concern to them as young people. The following is a summary of their concerns:

  • Provision of Sanitary Pads and Installation of Menstrual Health Facilities
  • Provision of Continued Education After Pregnancy (Girls allowed to go back to school)
  • Moral support for the Teen mothers (no stigma)
  • Adequate learning facilities (Laboratories, Classless)
  • Adequate Toilet facilities to avoid waterborne and Foodborne diseases
  • Posting/Employing adequate teachers to the schools
  • Extension/Outreach to out of school adolescents
  • Request for contraceptives usage (To be given protection due to STDs and Teenage Pregnancies).


The engagement was well received by both teachers and students of the Kisian Secondary School.



The following recommendations were made:

  • There is need to conduct Focused Group Discussions for boys and girls separately
  • There is need also to sensitize the parents/guardians on taking responsibility to educate their children on basic sexual reproductive health issues
  • There is need to for more frequent advocacy meetings on Sexual Reproductive Health issues
  • Development and distribution of adolescent related IEC material for advocacy purposes
  • Training of teachers on adolescents and reproductive health related issues
  • Organize Youth symposium and adolescent forums
  • Relevant media talk shows on Sexual Reproductive Health
  • Adolescent reproductive health technical working group
  • Quarterly review meetings
  • Linkage, networking and referrals within and outside the schools
  • Establishment and strengthening vocational centers for mentorship of the youth and adolescent