NCPD is this week participating in a High Level Data Producers Training Workshop organised be UN Women and coordinated by KNBS at the Great Rift Valley Lodge in Naivasha from Tuesday 27th to Thursday 29th November 2018. The workshop is part of the efforts to build the capacity of the Inter Agency Technical Committee for monitoring of gender statistics for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Among the topics under discussion are;

  • Global and Regional and National Frameworks for Gender Statistics
  • Monitoring SDGs from a Gender Perspective
  • Minimum Set of SDGs Gender Indicators
  • Background of the Global Programme of Making Every Woman and Girl Count
  • Gender Statistics Country Assessment
  • Production of Gender Statistics
  • Measuring Unpaid Care Work/Time Use Surveys
  • Gender Dimensions in Production of Gender Statistics

An officer from the Uganda Bureau of Statistics is among the participants to share about the 2017/18 Uganda National Survey on Time Use funded by the UN Women and the first such survey. Also sharing their experience is the Central Statistics Agency of Ethiopia.


Wambui Kungu from the M&E Unit is participating.