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NCPD attends the Partners in Population and Development (PPD)  Ministerial Conference on South-South  and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) on Population and Family Planning: Emerging Population issues influencing the 2030 Agenda, Karikata Discovery Hotel, Bali, Indonesia, from 18th – 20th September 2018. The conference will be attended by Cabinet Ministers, high-ranking government officials, UNFPA and other UN Agencies and other international development partners. Besides, the 23rd PPD Annual Board Meeting, 32nd PPD Executive Committee Meeting, 20th Partner Country Coordinators (PCC) meeting will be held at the same Hotel.

The Kenyan delegation will be led by Dr. Josephine Kibaru-Mbae, OGW, Director General, National Council for Population and Development, and Mr. Charles Oisebe, Deputy Director, Communication, Advocacy and Public Education, Division, National Council for Population and Development.