The National Treasury and Planning organized a nationwide dissemination of the Third Medium Term Plan (MTP III) from 25th February to 5th March, 2019. The dissemination exercise was conducted in all the 47 Counties.

The State Department for Planning called on all its Semi- Autonomous Government Agencies (SAGAs) to join the technical team mandated to conduct the dissemination. The National Council for Population and Development (NCPD) was represented in all the teams.

The exercise had three major objectives:

  1. To ensure County Officers and non-state actors are acquainted with programmes and projects outlined for implementation over the plan period
  2. To provide a forum for County Governments to present programmes and projects in their CIDPs 2018-2022 and how it has been aligned to the Third MTP
  3. To provide a platform for consultation between the national government and county government on development and implementation of MTP and CIDPs.

The Elgeyo Marakwet County dissemination forum was held at the KMTC in Iten. There was a display of cordial working relations between the two levels of government. The Governor, H.E. Tolgos, and the County Commissioner, Dr Omar Ahmed agreed to set up a County Development Coordination Committee to track progress of development projects under the President’s Executive Order No.1 of 2019. The two leaders also agreed to co-chair the county environment committee forums which will be conducted on a quarterly basis. The icing on the cake was the Governor’s support for the construction of one office complex that would house both offices – talk of prudent utilization of resources! The construction is among the projects prioritized in MTP III.

The County has earmarked a number of flagship projects ranging from infrastructure, agriculture, livestock and fisheries, irrigation, school titling to model business parks. In order to enhance urbanization, the county has set its eyes on developing Iten town to municipal status. A bamboo project in Kaptagat is all the glee in environmental sustainability as it is set to increase tree/forest cover.

For all this to succeed and benefit from MTP III, the CEC intimated that there was need for vibrant intergovernmental relations, pooling of resources, prudent utilization of resources and an increase in the resource allocation.