In Their Hands Project (at a glance)

“Did you know that only last year (2017), the Government of Kenya spent Kes.613million on post abortion care services?” (In Their Hands Project Manager)   Challenge of Unplanned pregnancies Unplanned/Unintended pregnancies have become a big [...]

Role of Population in Provision of Universal Health Care

Population growth puts pressure on adequacy of social services including health care. As the population grows, so does the demand for health care. Background The disease burden among adults in the most economically productive ages [...]

Population and Food Security in Kenya

In Kenya, more than half of the population lack enough food, not because of the level of economic development only but also because of the rapid population increase that surpasses by far, the rate of [...]

The ‘Big Four’ Agenda and Population Management in Kenya

Rapid population growth in developing countries is central to most of the pressing problems and is a serious challenge to human destiny. As the population increases fast, demands for food, healthcare and housing also increase [...]

Is a Population Policy Necessary?

To achieve the much desired status of a middle or high economy, a country needs to invest heavily in the economy but this is not possible if the rate of population growth far overtakes that [...]

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